Review Of Not A Fan Of These Gucci Knockoff Handbags!

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“Hey Eva! So finally after sending many emails I finally got the tracking number and after about 8 days I got my package today. To my disappointment I saw the order was incomplete. I had ordered 3 bags (2Gucci, 1 flap bag) and 2 wallets. And a phone cover and I only got the 2 Gucci bags and the 2 wallets. No flap bag and no phone cover. And the quality was not great at all.

The Gucci grey Gucciissma bag was ok like they copied it well but the quality of the leather was not that great but I guess I can still carry it. And the Gucci plum color Soho shoulder bag was awful. The GG on the bag were not even right, I’ve had a friend who ordered a black Gucci Soho from PV before and the PV Soho bag was actually nice. And the wallets well the C was good and the Gucci wristlet looks worn out. So I emailed them about the missing items and then I got a reply saying that the flap bag was not in stock and that I should choose a replacement item and they will send it, and they will send the phone cover. I now choose the Cambon tote black white CCs on it. Like the one in your review. Plus give them two other options to look into I case the bag again wasn’t in stock. So now the lady said they will see what is available and send it again. I mean when they had sent the first order I had asked many times was all in stock, I could’ve just given a replacement item at that time. Now I gotta wait again for the process. But overall their quality with the Gucci Soho bag was awful the other bag not so bad. Just the leather doesn’t look right. I just now placed an order with PV as I usually order with them. 3 bags on LV, one the flap black thread white purse it looked interesting and one Kelly bag in blue first time I’m ordering a Hermes ever. But no doubt PV is definitely an excellent company and there service is amazing, they always get back to me right away and even call back with answers. So let’s see how all this goes. Thanks for always getting back to u, u definitely kept me calm this whole process, I had definitely though that I lost 700 dollars well even now I hate the Gucci Soho bag but the grey I guess I’ll carry. Take care!”

Replica Gucci Soho

Replica Gucci Soho

Replica Gucci Jackie

Replica Gucci Jackie

Hi my dear! Too bad doesn’t quite seem to have it together! The Gucci Soho bag isn’t horrible, but your right, it pales in comparison to the Soho replica purses at PV (I’m a proud owner of one!). I think the leather on your Guccisima bag looks pretty yucky – I think it would be reason enough to return it, but if you’re happy with it that’s all that matters.

It’s ridiculous that they wouldn’t tell you the other replica purses were out of stock before they shipped your order – that’s so lazy! I don’t see why anyone would put up with these crummy knockoff handbags when the customer service is so bad.

Anyways, I think you’ll have better look at PV – it sounds like you already have a good relationship with them. Thanks for your review! Ladies – avoid the Gucci knockoff handbags

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The New Source For Replica Handbags Advice, News And Gossip!

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Take note everyone – we’re moving! Spotbags’ new home, so when you get a chance be sure to update your bookmarks! Naturally, I’m are still your source for reviews and advice on all things to do with designer replica handbags!

You should be redirected automatically from the old address for now, but I just wanted you to know about our new home. The new address again, so if you want to ask questions, review your favorite designer replica handbags, or just say “hi”, this is the place!

These days, not all replica handbags are what they seem! I get tons of letters from readers who thought they were buying leather bags but ended up with PVC or Polyurethane bags instead – not because they were tricked, but rather they just didn’t check before they placed their order.
Artificial leather is more and more common these days, so let’s learn a little more about it so we can all be more savvy shoppers :)
There are two popular types of artificial leather (or ‘pleather’) – PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PU (polyurethane). PVC is not a convincing substitute for grain leathers, but is light and very durable. It generally has a bright sheen and can be easily embossed with a monogram or anything else, such as the Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma.
Replica Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma 

PU is similar, but you can easily apply a fabric print to it to give the illusion that it’s real leather. Some low-grade knockoff handbags use this trick to cut down on costs, but the result is usually not convincing.
Neither PVC nor PU will age the way that that real leather does, meaning that they will not develop a patina.
Note that it’s not just knockoff handbags using these leather substitutes – bags like the Mirroir are authentic designer brands that use these plastics to get a certain look. Some are pretty popular, but personally, I’m not a big fan. Call me old fashioned, but spending over a $1000 for a plastic bag seems wrong! Then again spending that much on any bag seems silly to me – especially when fabulous replica handbags are right at your fingertips!
What do you think of fake leather? Write me and let me know!

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The Great Celine Replica Purse Debate!

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Review of

“Hi Eva,
I know you advised us not to get a replica purse from Bagaholics but I read your comments too late. This arrived today and here it is ^.^ I will have to email you all the pics one by one because I am using my iPhone to send them to you. It looks great and feels great too. I choose the pebbled leather instead of the smooth leather thinking it’s more scratch resistant maybe?

If you look at it closely, there are still flaws, can see a dent very clearly plus I found a lot of dry blue coming out of the holder when I try to pull out the zip.

Replica Celine Bag

Replica Celine Bag

Replica Celine Bag

Replica Celine Bag

Replica Celine Bag

Nice interior. Very smooth material. After all I am happy with my purchase 

My dear,

As long as you love your replica purse, I’m glad you didn’t follow my advice! The leather looks a bit stiff, but you can easily soften it up with some moisturizing cream, works like a charm. Pebbled leather was a good choice!

Now, although I’m glad you like your bag, I have to say that there are much better Celine replica designer handbags out there. In addition to the issues you mentioned (which are troubling) the Celine logo at the top of the bag is out of alignment and a bit bigger than the authentic one. So I’ve got to stick to my guns and advise my readers to stay away from the designer replica handbags 

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Fabulousaaa Review – Fabulous Or Just Cheap Knockoff Handbags?

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Fabulousaaa Review

“Dear Eva,

I found you on the web almost a year ago and after much replica site research decided to order bags from 3 different sites. My first shipment I just received was from Fabaa as I wanted to order from a place that had cheaper prices than the others and like you suggested I got something small, the Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard Vernis in black.

At first glance I was unhappy because there were bits of dried plastic and what looked like scratches but after I was able to pick off the plastic (probably left there from the manufacturing equipment) and a little soapy cloth seemed to wash off those scratches perfectly I am thrilled with this purchase. The only flaw is on the underside of the handle where 2 tiny stiches are uneven but this area falls on the top of the shoulder which cannot be seen while wearing anyways. I’ve been inside 3 official LV stores in Los Angeles to check out the original Vernis products before this purchase and I feel this replica is amazingly good, especially for their cheap prices. Anyways, I’ve put together a composite image of my pictures along with the actual purse image from the LV site. On the left is the actual Louis Vuitton purse in the Amarante color (obviously taken with perfect lighting indoors) and the two on the right are of the one I’ve received in black (taken outdoors hanging on white cardboard – a partly sunny day as you can see the blue sky reflected.) Let me know what your thoughts are and I am happy to send you my reviews on the next two companies I am awaiting replica purchases from if you are interested.


Replica Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard Vernis

After I heard from Pam we had a brief correspondence, and she was kind enough to send me more details and more photos of her Louis Vuitton replica:

“Dear Eva,

Here are some more detail pics I just took with indoor lighting only. Feel free to use any or all of them. It is a shiny bag so any odd colors are simply reflections. You can see the slight gold flaking that is reminiscent of the vernis line even though LV doesn’t make a vernis in black. Amarante is the closest color they make to black but at night one can’t tell the difference.”

Replica Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard Vernis

Replica Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard Vernis

Replica Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard Vernis

Replica Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard Vernis

Replica Louis Vuitton Sunset Boulevard Vernis

I’m glad that you’re happy with your bag Pam, although I do have a few problems with Fabaa. I used to shop there a few months ago, but I found that the quality of their merchandise was steadily declining into knockoff handbags territory. Also, it’s fortunate that the poor stitching isn’t very visible – other bags can look even worse. The last few bags I bought from them were pretty cheap looking knockoff handbags, and the stitching in particular was a major problem.

Pam, I really appreciate you sending me such an in-depth review. Feel free to send me more, anytime!

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Hermes Replica Purses – For The Love Of Leather

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Replica Hermes Kelly Purse

Anyone who loves replica purses needs to know more about leather than the average shopper. After all, you’re not just choosing what kind of bag to buy – you’re choosing between hundreds of sites that might all offer different versions of the same bag.

And, as we all know, not all replica purses are created equal! The difference between great copies and cheap knockoff handbags often comes down to leather, so today we’re going to compare three very popular leathers you see in a lot of Hermes bags – Epsom, Togo, and Clemence leather.

Hermes bags are famous for their focus on quality, as well as their jaw-dropping price tags! For example, their famous Birkin bag takes 1800 stitches to make, all done by hand. In a week, Hermes only makes five Birkins, each one taking up to 25 hours to complete. You can imagine that getting a real Birkin involves time on a lengthy waiting list, as well as a small fortune. A Birkin using Togo, Epsom or Clarence leather costs about $10.000 U.S.! So let’s talk a bit about what makes these leathers so special.


Hermes Epsom Rouge Leather

Epsom leather is stiff and durable, and very manageable in terms of being easy to clean and care for. These bags are embossed, and so the texture you see is not the natural grain of the leather, but an imprint. The embossing process also compresses the leather, which is partially what makes it so rigid and hard. So this bag will last ages and be easy to keep looking great, but I find that the texture and feel is missing that special quality.


Hermes Togo Leather

Togo can come veined or unveined, though the former is much more common. Of the three leathers we’re looking at today it has the finest grain, but the texture is also the most pronounced. One of the best things about Togo is that it’s scratch-proof -if you’re a klutz like me this feature is priceless!


Hermes Clemence Orange Leather

This one might be my favorite – Clemence leather is so soft. It’s made of baby bull leather which is one of the most supple and malleable leathers in the world. It’s a little heavier than its counterparts, and needs a little bit of tender loving care to keep it looking good, but I think it’s well worth it. You must dry it right away if it gets wet or it could blister. The good news is it can be refurbished to look as good as new if it starts to show signs of some wear and tear.

I love all these types of leather – people often get them mixed up, but as you can see they are very different and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing more about these types of leather will help you avoid bad knockoff handbags when you’re shopping online. If you want replicas that use the authentic leather, or cowhide (it’s the best) expect to pay a little more – anything less than $350- $400 is probably not the real deal.

Lastly, I wanted to let you guys know what leathers come in what colors. This way, you’ll know which replicas you can pass as authentic bags.

Togo - Potiron, Gold, Blue Jean, Brighton Blue, Chocolate, Black, Etoupe, Vert Anis,
Indigo, Rouge Garance

Clemence -Raisin, Noir, Gold, Chartreuse, Blanc, Vert anis, Bleu jean, Potiron, Bleu Brighton, Rouge Garance Orange

Epsom - Orange, Bleu Thalassa, Rouge Garance, Blue Jean

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March Madness! Get A Free Replica Rolex From Club Couture!

I usually try to keep you guys filled in on the monthly deals over at Club Couture -after all, I’m here to help you buy better replica handbags and save some cash, and these deals are always a great way to do both! This month, you don’t need to spend a single dollar on replica watches because you’ll get it for free. And it’s not any watch, it’s a beautiful Rolex replica!

The ladies’ DateJust is so, so pretty! The playful flower motif on the white dial is playful and fun, and this model omits the ’12′ and ’3′ to give it more room to shine. The diamond studded bezel and steel casing bring that unmistakable Rolex class.

To get the replica Rolex you need to be a member of Club Couture, the official club of PV, and you need to spend $75 or more on replica handbags, shoes, or anything else on sale at PV. It doesn’t seem like a lot, and I decided I would just look ahead a little and make my purchases for the next few months all at once. I even got a few bags I’m going to put aside for Easter!

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