Chanel: #COCOCAFE Is Coming To Singapore!

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If all you ever dreamed about was sipping hot lattes out of a Chanel-branded paper cup (it’s pink, so it’s perfectly instagrammable as well) whilst trying out the latest Chanel has to offer as far as their beauty collection goes, take note. #COCOCAFE, which has been making its rounds in global cities around the world, will also be popping up in Singapore really, really soon.

I wish I could say more, but my perfectly-balmed lips (Chanel’s Rogue Coco Baume, but of course) are sealed at the moment so you’ll just have to watch this space and look out for more information that will be released really, really soon. #ILOVECOCO #CHANELMAKEUP

Update: 20 March 2017
This just in. #COCOCAFE will be happening in Singapore from 8 April to 16 April 2017 at the Visual Arts Centre at Dhoby Ghaut Green that promises to be a one-of-a-kind beauty experience. To get priority entry (and a complimentary drink), register now via this link! Go go go!

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For women who are always chasing after the latest designer handbags, take a look at the new Hermes Col Roule Bag.

An Hermes bag in crosswise H weave canvas, made from calfskin and Hunter cowhide, this accessory right here is a perfect companion for quick meet ups with your girl friends.

This bag matches perfectly with your winter coat as it feels warm and fuzzy, but the color is ideal for the summer as well. And as you know, the design is timeless, you can always keep it in your wardrobe and take it out whenever you feel to.

With its thin handle held by silver and palladium plated bridle rings, this Hermes Col Roule Bag is perfect for easy hand carrying. And ladies, this one right here comes in handy whenever you’re on a hasty make up shopping spree such when you run out of your favorite lipstick as you can easily stash it inside this bag since it has no any zipper.

Adorned with palladium plated Clous de Selle “Hermes Paris” this stylish bag right here also has a shoulder strap so you can easily carry it by the shoulders.

Measuring 10” x 21” x 5” and is priced $3475 USD via Hermes boutiques.



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Karlie Kloss on Jones Magazine Autumn-Winter 2017 CoverKarlie Kloss on Jones Magazine Autumn-Winter 2017 Cover

Karlie Kloss tries on a platinum blonde hairstyle for her latest cover. The American beauty poses on the autumn-winter 2017 cover of JONES Magazine from Australian retailer David Jones. Photographed by Georges Antoni, Karlie wears a mushroom shaped hairstyle which serves 70’s inspired vibes. In the accompanying spread, the 24-year-old poses in glamorous styles. Stylist Thelma McQueen dresses the blonde in a mix of knit dresses, velvet separates and embellished skirts.


Karlie Kloss lounges in a red ribbed-knit dressKarlie Kloss lounges in a red ribbed-knit dressFlaunting her legs, Karlie Kloss poses in a burnt orange velvet dressFlaunting her legs, Karlie Kloss poses in a burnt orange velvet dressShowing off a platinum blonde hairstyle with fringe, Karlie Kloss wears a velvet jacketShowing off a platinum blonde hairstyle with fringe, Karlie Kloss wears a velvet jacketLooking in the mirror, Karlie Kloss models a black blouse and metallic skirtLooking in the mirror, Karlie Kloss models a black blouse and metallic skirtGetting her closeup, Karlie Kloss shows off a platinum blonde hairstyleGetting her closeup, Karlie Kloss shows off a platinum blonde hairstyleKarlie Kloss shows off a mushroom hairstyleKarlie Kloss shows off a mushroom hairstyleStriking a pose, Karlie Kloss models a fitted jacket dressStriking a pose, Karlie Kloss models a fitted jacket dress

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Mandy Moore at the alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet fall 2017 presentation. Photo: Michael Loccisano

Mandy Moore at the alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet fall 2017 presentation. 

Taking a break from the award show circuit (and many on-point red carpet appearances on behalf of her hit TV show "This Is Us"), Mandy Moore graced New York Fashion Week with her incredibly sweet, gracious and just-so-perfect self. On Monday, she pulled double-duty by hitting the front row of Naeem Khan in the morning (she wore his elegant cape gown to the Golden Globes) and the Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet presentation in the afternoon.

"I totally fan-girled over here," said Bendet. "I was like, 'I'm gonna be a big nerd right now. Your show is my favorite show I ever watched.'" (Same.)

The last time Moore made the NYFW rounds was in 2012 for the Lincoln Center-era spring 2013 collections, which in the age of Instagram Stories, see now, buy now and influencer saturation seems like a lifetime ago. 

"I don't think I've had my feet on the ground here long enough to discern the differences [from then]," said Moore at alice + olivia. "I guess the impact and importance of social media and the immediacy [of] collections and what people are wearing and all of the hubbub that goes along with the show — I feel like that's more and more prominent. I haven't been here in a couple of years and that feels like a dramatic shift."

Moore, Stacey Bendet and Kate Mara at the alice + olivia fall 2017 presentation. Photo: courtesy BFA

Moore, Stacey Bendet and Kate Mara at the alice + olivia fall 2017 presentation. 

Moore has also been a red carpet regular since she broke out onto the scene — and our pre-iTunes playlists — at the age of 15 with her single "Candy" in 1999, and then branched out into acting (ah, "A Walk to Remember"). Along the way, she's experienced what people in our business oft refer to as a "style evolution." (But in all fairness, everyone was wearing one-inch rise boot-cut jeans and backless tops back then.) So what red carpet fashion advice would Moore give her year 2000 self?

"Oy. You know, you can't really begrudge choices you make when you're 15, 16, 17, but I don't know if I would change anything," she said. "I made some really interesting choices, but I feel like they were sort of on par with what was happening in fashion [at the time], with just sort of the 16-year-old lens on that."

"So there were some fringe leather pants. I was just taking a peruse down memory lane a couple weeks ago," Moore added with a laugh. "I was like 'okay. I guess maybe Ralph Lauren was doing a fringe leather pant and that was my version of it."

Like many of her cohorts at the time, the actor-singer ventured into the fashion design category with her clothing label MBlem, which quietly shut down after a few years. But she isn't interested in revisiting that career endeavor. "No," Moore said. "I am a consumer and an avid fan, but I don't want to dip my toe back in the designing portion of it."

As an avid fashion fan, she also enjoys a vast and fantastic vintage wardrobeto wear on "This Is Us," thanks to costume designer Hala Bahmet's discerning eye. "Without a doubt the '70s are my favorite [decade to wear]. Beyond," Moore said. "It's so much fun, like the hair and makeup and wardrobe: the combination of all three. The confluence of all three is really interesting. And because I'm a child of the '80s and I saw the hideous fashion I grew up with and my mother and mom jeans and acid-washed pieces and floral blouses and stuff like that. It's so much fun to explore a decade and an era that I had no part in whatsoever."

She has a favorite decade for her on-screen husband, (and, let's be honest, everyone's fantasy one), Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia. And, sorry, "shirtless" doesn't count as a time period.

"Milo is a handsome dude. He pulls off every decade," Moore said. "I like Jack in the time of when the babies are born. I like the scruffy beard, the jean jacket, the sort of Silverlake vibe." Although, to the Internet's dismay, Ventimiglia's '70s (or pourover-coffee-drinking hipster-esque) facial hair is no longer.

"I don't recognize him!" she laughed. "Like, where's the man I love? I like it. I love the ability to shift in time and jump around."

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Louis Vuitton Gift Guide 2017

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Louis Vuitton Gift Guide 2017 Louis Vuitton Gift Guide 2017

Louis Vuitton gift for anyone and everyone, gifts for anytime of the year, but most importantly, a gift to those who appreciate in between everything else unmatched quality and timeless style. Louis Vuitton gift guide 2017 Of the leather pencil and notebook to bookmarks, photo frames and much more, there is a wide range of available even the pickiest connoisseur, and we talk about beautiful porcelain plate painted to complete the game kit for those who have a great love of the card game. Here is a collection of Louis Vuitton gift guide 2017 (The Art Of Gifting).

Louis Vuitton Gift Guide Louis Vuitton Gift Guide 2017Louis Vuitton Gift Louis Vuitton Gift Guide 2017Louis Vuitton Notebook Gift 2017 Louis Vuitton Gift Guide 2017Louis Vuitton Purse Gift Guide 2017 Louis Vuitton Gift Guide 2017Louis Vuitton 2017 Louis Vuitton Gift Guide 2017Louis Vuitton Gift 2017 Louis Vuitton Gift Guide 2017

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Rimowa Beauty Cases Collection

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You can give your loved one one of a million things this Valentine’s Day, an easy feat considering the sheer amount of love-themed designer goods out there. Then there’s always the romantic dinner, and the 99 roses that will all add up to a massively insane amount. Which is all well and good if your intended is into all this, but could there be a better way to spend all that money?

Well, yes and no. Yes, if you want to give her something that will last forever and a day, which also happens to be the subject of today’s post. Something you’ll often see perched on top of luggages at the airport are Rimowa’s beauty cases, which if you think about it, have many more uses than just being a ‘beauty case’.

Yes, you could use it as is, carrying your beauty products to use on the plane. Or, you could use it as a mini storage trunk, where it sits on your vanity holding all your daily essentials. I own one myself, and I use it as a tiny safe (all beauty cases come with combination locks) where I store my passport, important documents, even some cash, and in the case of any emergency, I can just grab it and go.

In other words, even if it isn’t exactly the most romantic gift around, these beauty cases are truly practical, and after the meal has been digested and the roses wilted, these beauties (which range from SGD525to SGD1250) from Rimowa will be around for a long time to come.

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